My son heard voices ordering him to kill his two colleagues

For the first time since her departure from office, Ambassador Nabila Makram, the former Egyptian Minister of Immigration, spoke about the murder in which her son was involved, and two of his friends in America were killed, justifying that this happened because her son was exposed to a mental illness.

And she said during an interview on the Egyptian satellite channel “Cairo and the People” yesterday evening, Saturday, that strange voices ordered her son to kill, and that he was suffering from a mental illness, noting that he decided to stop obtaining medicines because of his belief in the possibility of overcoming the disease himself.

She pointed out that stopping these drugs leads to a major and sudden relapse, and the patient returns to a situation worse than the first, commenting on her son’s feeling after the crime by saying, “He was sitting between his two fellow victims, losing will and awareness, and he committed the crime without knowing what to do.”

Wonderful story

She recounted that, during her tenure as Consul of Egypt in Rome from 2007 to 2011, she received a telegram from the Foreign Minister’s office stating that an Egyptian woman was asking for help, and that whenever she had a child, he would live for 6 months and then die, and therefore she requested that her daughter be transferred to a hospital abroad. to treat it.

She stated that a hospital in Rome requested a follow-up of the child’s condition, and she also took over the mother’s case, called Atiyat, and was responsible for her food, drink, and requests during her stay in the hospital with her daughter.

Camera revealed details

She pointed out that the functions of the child’s organs were good, which prompted the hospital to install a camera in the room to find out the cause of the spasms that she is exposed to from time to time, noting that they discovered that the mother was strangling her daughter and without knowing it almost killed her.

The former minister added that she returned the child to her father in Egypt after the Italian authorities arrested the mother and imprisoned her, explaining that she had asked the mother during her visit to her in prison about her motives behind that and was shocked by her answer.

“She killed her children”

She also added that the mother told her on one of the visits that she was the one who killed her children in Egypt, and she was hearing a strange voice ordering her to do so, adding that the mother was suffering from schizophrenia, noting that the same voice that commanded the mother Atiyat to kill her children was the one who ordered her son to be killed. his colleagues in America.

And the former minister had confirmed last May that her son, Rami, who resides in America, was involved in a murder, noting that the accusation was pending before an American court.

“suffers from schizophrenia”

And the media said that there is information confirming that the lawyers submitted documents to the US Defense Court, indicating that the minister’s son suffers from schizophrenia, and that they will demand that he be shown to doctors to determine his psychological condition, and whether he was suffering from a disease while committing the murder or not.

It is noteworthy that the former minister left her post in a cabinet reshuffle that took place in Dr. Mustafa Madbouly’s government in Egypt last August.

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