“My mother.. wearing it.” The secret of a red bracelet around Messi’s foot!

Although the most important football event in the world ended last week, the details of the World Cup are still of interest to many.

And the title holder necessarily has the lion’s share, as Argentine star Lionel Messi caused great astonishment on social media, because of a red ribbon he wore a lot around his left ankle.

The tie appeared when Messi was in the dressing room after his country’s victory in the World Cup at the expense of France last Sunday.

Many also wondered why this tape was with the most famous player, only to find out later that it is an old story.

“Mom, Messi wore it.”

In its facts, it dates back to 2018, during the activities of the last World Cup, which was held in Russia.

At that time, journalist Ramiro Pantoruto conducted an interview with Messi, behind whom lies the secret of the tape.

The bracelet around Messi's foot

The bracelet around Messi’s foot

That tie was a gift from the journalist’s mother to the famous player, and it is like a “talisman” that wards off his jinx in international matches and brings him luck.

The journalist told the player at the time: “My mother loves you more than she loves me. I carry her red ribbon fortunately. If you want it, I can give it to you.”

A video clip of the journalist was also circulated, his eyes filled with tears, saying: “Mom… Messi wore it.”

keep it for years

After that incident, Messi appeared repeatedly wearing that tape, which he had kept for 4 years, that is, since the last World Cup.

It is noteworthy that the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, fulfilled his team’s dream and led him to win the Qatar World Cup 2022.

He also announced that he would not retire from international football, opening the door to new challenges in his career.

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