Musk deliberately lost the Twitter leadership poll

Former US President Donald Trump considered that the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, conducted the poll about his stepping down from the presidency of the site “because he wants to withdraw,” according to the newspaper, “The Independent.” Independent.

Musk announced at dawn today, Wednesday, that he He will step down from the presidency of Twitter. Once he finds “someone foolish enough” to replace him, he says he will then manage the platform’s “software and server teams”.

Twitter users voted in favour Musk is stepping down as CEO of the site After the latter conducted a survey about his future, he said he would abide by its results.

Trump said in a statement that the American billionaire “intentionally lost” a poll about his future on Twitter, because he no longer wanted the job of managing the site that he bought for $ 44 billion.

The former Republican president added by saying: I think he wants to step down, and I think this is a good way to step down… to lose in a poll and say, “I’m out of here.”

Among the approximately 17.5 million people who participated in the poll, a total of 57.5% voted “yes” after Musk asked, through his account, whether he should step down, compared to 42.5% with “no.”

Since his acquisition of Twitter, Musk has dismissed half of the company’s senior employees, reactivated the account of former US President Donald Trump, and canceled the anti-disinformation policy regarding Covid-19.

Musk also froze the accounts of some journalists, and prevented the promotion via Twitter of competing social platforms, before returning from that.

These many changes aroused the attention of policy makers in both the United States and Europe.

The European Commission has previously warned Musk that the European Union may impose “sanctions” on him because of the threat he poses to media freedom.

Twitter’s share price has fallen by a third since Musk bought the platform.

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