Murder, torture and rape..a report documenting the violations of “Zainabiyat al-Houthi”

A human rights report revealed 1,444 cases of violations committed by the women’s military wing of the Houthi militia, the Zainabiyat Brigades, during the period from December 2017 to the end of October 2022.

wholesale violations

The report, issued by the Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms, documented the violations committed by the Houthi women’s battalions, or the so-called “Zeinabiyat”, including arrests and arbitrary detention of women, looting, sexual assault, beatings, torture, facilitating rape in secret detention centers, and prosecuting a number of Among the Yemeni activists, the attack on the sit-in sit-ins in some governorates controlled by the Houthi militia, in addition to the forced recruitment of some school and university girls.

9 kills

While it monitored 9 killings, committed by Houthi women’s battalions, 6 of them resulted from severe beatings with batons and copper cables, and three cases of direct killing, in addition to the injury of 42 women.

It also documented about 172 cases of violations against civilian objects by the “Zeinabiyat” brigades, distributed as follows: 31 raids on service and health facilities, 76 raids and searches of educational facilities – schools and universities – and 65 raids on places of worship and Quran memorization centers.

Hundreds kidnapped

The report also included the kidnapping of about 571 women by the “Zeinabiyat” brigades, 231 of whom are still in Houthi prisons, which are supervised by the same battalions, pointing out that the “Zainabiyat” had subjected about 62 abducted women to psychological and physical torture inside prisons.

The report also mentioned special tasks for these brigades, “such as spying and inciting opponents, monitoring opinions and prosecuting female activists in private meetings and workplaces.”

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