Mossad: Iran will not have nuclear weapons

The United States imposed a new round of sanctions on Iran, including the Attorney General and key military officials, in connection with the suppression of protests that have been taking place in the country for nearly three months.

The US Treasury Department said statment It was published on its official website that the sanctions included the Iranian Public Prosecutor, Mohammad Jaafar Montazeri, whom it accused of issuing a directive to the courts last September to impose harsh sentences on many detainees during the protests.

The Treasury also included the Iranian “Ayman Sanat Zaman Fara” company on the sanctions list, and said it manufactures equipment for Iranian law enforcement forces, including armored vehicles used to suppress protesters.

The sanctions also included two senior officials of the Basij militia, which was widely deployed during the crackdown on protesters, as well as two officials of the Revolutionary Guards.

This is the latest step in a series of measures taken by Washington to impose new sanctions on Iranian officials over the crackdown on unrest sparked by the death of Amini, a young Iranian Kurdish woman, last September.

Last October, the United States announced the imposition of economic sanctions on seven Iranian officials for their role in suppressing the demonstrations, including Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi, Minister of Communications Issa Zarepour, and Chief of Intelligence of the Revolutionary Guards, Muhammad Kazemi.

The demonstrations have become one of the strongest challenges facing the Iranian religious leadership since the 1979 revolution.

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