Months after her departure, a touching message from Queen Elizabeth during Christmas

Prince William borrowed excerpts from the speech of his grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, during the Christmas Mass, which she delivered in 2012 when she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, according to the Daily Mail. Daily Mail British.

And theHosted by Kate Middleton, Princess of WalesA Christmas Eve concert at Westminster Abbey, intended to honor Queen Elizabeth II, was broadcast to the general public on Saturday evening.

Prince William giving a speech to his late grandmother

Prince William giving a speech to his late grandmother

During the ceremony, Prince William poignantly quoted excerpts from a speech his late grandmother gave a decade ago.

The speech was delivered by the Queen as part of a broadcast in 2012 from the White Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace.

In 2012, the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, describing the festivities at the time as “particularly memorable for me and my family”.

“It is a matter of humility that so many choose to celebrate the anniversary of a duty passed on to me sixty years ago,” she said.

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton

The event comes at a time when the documentary series about Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle caused great controversy and negative reactions in British society, affecting Kate Middleton, wife of Crown Prince William.

A source revealed to the British newspaper “Weekly”, that Kate is upset with Prince Harry after the launch of his documentary series on “Netflix”.

And the source explained, last week, that Kate feels “hurt and betrayed” because Harry did this to her as well, especially since they were very close, according to what was reported by the “New York Post”.

As for Prince William’s reaction to the six-episode series, the source reports that the Prince of Wales “doesn’t plan to publicly present his side of the story or revenge.”

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