Mobilization and rumors.. “Brotherhood” launches the general agitation for chaos in Egypt

after fired Brotherhood The public mobilization to create chaos in Egypt today, Friday, under the slogan “The November 11 Movement”, called on all its supporters to descend massively and gather in the squares, causing disturbances and trying to confuse the security services.

The group issued an official statement in the early hours of this morning, calling on its loyalists to go to the squares and sit in, and demand the fall of Egyptian state and reinstatement.

She also claimed that she had the right to rule, and claimed that the opportunity had come to restore him, demanding to rally around her, and warning that the time was not for a dispute over the leadership, in reference to the recent disputes that swept its ranks between the fronts of London and Istanbul.

Rumors and videos

In a related context, the group outlined its plans for its members to descend in most of the provinces, and revealed through the accounts of its affiliates on social media sites the starting places for the marches and the squares in which to gather.

It also called on its members to get out of their cars and cordon off the squares to facilitate the entry of the crowd and to prevent the entry of armored vehicles and security forces cars to get them out.

The group promoted old fabricated videos showing dozens of people going to the squares in order to encourage others, while its platforms spread rumors about a new rise in the prices of some goods and services to urge citizens to go down to face the high prices, according to its claim.

The alleged action plan

It is noteworthy that the Brotherhood had launched its new satellite “Freedom 11-11” from Vietnam to broadcast the alleged demonstrations today.

It directed its activists and members to send the satellite frequency to all its affiliated committees in Egypt, and to follow up to receive data and instructions.

She also directed to follow up on the group’s platforms and accounts that it recently launched through the means of communication to mobilize and mobilize, and to receive orders to start violence and confront the police, and other instructions to withdraw in the event the security forces cordoned off the place.

In addition, the Ultras called for action and participation, describing them as organized and active entities and inciting them to take revenge on the authorities!

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