Mirna Walid returns to the cinema with a French movie after an absence of 21 years.. Know the details

Recently started artist Mirna Walid Filming her scenes through the French film The troisieme feuille “The Third Paper”, which is scheduled to be shown immediately after filming is completed, and embodies the role of a “killer” during the events of the film, which is completely filmed in the French capital, Paris.

Movie The troisieme feuille “The Third Paper” is the story of Sarah Shulah, and it includes many actors from more than one country, Mirna Walid, Ahmed Fawzi, Mahmoud Galal from Egypt, Firas Al-Jumaili from Tunisia andJeanne Silier, Gabriel Gavietto From France and from Syria, Fadi Batal, and the film is directed by Mona Khoudary.

It is worth noting that The troisieme feuille “The Third Paper” brings Mirna Walid back to the cinema after her last cinematic work, “Moments of Love” in 2001, directed by Youssef Abu Seif.

Mirna Walid also began filming her scenes in the series “The Talisman of Rashida”, a series that was postponed more than once. Mirna Walid is filming in Hurghada, and embodies the role of a victim of “Rachida”.

The series “Rational Mantra” is currently being filmed in Hurghada, and among the artists who filmed their scenes in the series are the able artist Samira Abdelaziz, Randa Al-Behairy, Amr Ramzi.

It is noteworthy that the star Mirna Walid’s latest work is the series “A Family Record”, in its first and second parts, with director Tamer Hamza, which was shown in 2020.

The series “Family Record” is one of the series that won the audience’s admiration, and after it was shown for the first time, it was repeated more than once on more than one satellite channel.


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