Millions of Ukrainians are in the dark..and Zelensky “we will not be defeated or broken”

In the aftermath of new heavy Russian strikes targeted Energy facilities in Ukraine Over the past two days, millions of Ukrainians have drowned during the past hours in the dark, amid water outages also in several regions, including the capital.

In Kyiv, which witnessed heavy rains, and where cold weather prevails, about 70% of the population remained without electricity yesterday, according to the city’s municipality.

While the Ukrainian presidency announced the opening of about four thousand heating points throughout the country, where the temperature did not exceed zero.

While satellite images of the US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) showed that Ukraine had become a dark spot on the globe at night.

“a broken people”

For his part, President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that there are about 15 regions that suffer from water and electricity supply problems. “The electricity situation is still difficult in almost all regions. However, every hour we are reconnecting electricity to more consumers,” he said.

He also added in his evening speech on Thursday night, Friday, “We have withstood nine months of total war, and Russia has not found a way to break us. And it will not. We must continue to stand firm.” And he added, “We are a people who cannot be broken.”

Kyiv without electricity (AP)

Kyiv without electricity (AP)

On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Defense denied the bombing of Kyiv yesterday, accusing the Ukrainian anti-aircraft forces of being responsible for the damage to the capital.

It is noteworthy that Russia has, since mid-October, in the face of a series of military setbacks that forced it to carry out “painful” withdrawals this fall in northeastern and southern Ukraine, to launch strikes on Ukrainian energy facilities with the approach of winter.

Western countries described this strategy as “war crimes”.

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