Midterm results force Trump to delay campaign announcement for 2024

After preliminary results appeared in the US midterm elections, the newspaper’s website monitoredThe HillThe main political winners and losers are from the results of the various polls.

And US President Joe Biden is at the forefront of the victors of these elections after preliminary results showed that Biden’s performance is much better than the last two Democratic presidents of the United States, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, during the first two years of their presidency.

It would have been very reasonable for the president’s party to lose 25 or 30 seats in the House of Representatives and turn the Democratic Party into a clear minority in the Senate.

This outcome would have been seen as a public rejection of Biden, adding to the pressure on him in his bid for a second term.

But none of this happened after the Democratic Party fended off the red wave that Republicans had been expecting in this election.

Biden said in a press conference from the White House, on Wednesday, that “the expectations of a red wave (a big victory for Republicans) did not come true.”

In addition to President Biden, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was the biggest Republican winner on a disappointing night for the Republican Party, according to The Hill.

The victory of DeSantis, on Tuesday, in an electoral race for the position of governor of Florida, by 20 points from his Democratic opponent, Charlie Christ, the chances of the Republican governor in his rival, former President Donald Trump, to run for the Republican Party for the presidential elections in 2024, according to the website “NBC”. R”.

DeSantis’ star rose among the political right in the United States, until he was seen for some time as a potential serious competitor to Trump, for a while, knowing that neither of them announced their desire to officially run.

The name of the US House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, emerged as one of the victors in these elections. Democrats are still expected to turn into a minority in the House of Representatives led by Representative Pelosi, but Democrats will hold on to more seats than they thought ahead of the Nov. 8 races.

Although the Republican Party may win a majority, that victory will be by a very narrow margin, making the nominations of Representative Kevin McCarthy, for the presidency of the House uncertain.

Who are the losers?

Former US President Donald Trump, the biggest loser in the election race, came after losing most of the candidates he supported, according to “The Hill”, which said election day was a “sad night” for the Republican billionaire.

Not only did the candidates he supported in a number of states, such as the doctor, Mehmet Oz, lose the position of Governor of Pennsylvania, but these results indicate Trump’s influence “on the direction of the Republican Party.”

The former president, who put his own weight on the campaign trail, was dreaming of a landslide victory for the Republicans ahead of his “very big announcement” he promised next week that might be his presidential candidacy.

“Although yesterday’s election was somewhat disappointing in my personal view, it was a huge victory,” Trump said, on his “Truth Social” network, on Wednesday.

The victory by DeSantis, who was re-elected governor of Florida, also posed a real threat to Trump after he became a potential opponent of the former president in the Republican primaries in preparation for the presidential elections in 2024.

DeSantis’ big win cements his status as a rising star in the Republican Party. From now on, an article published by “Fox News”, on Wednesday, described him as “the new leader of the Republican Party.”

In addition to Trump, Democratic Representative Sean Patrick Maloney was one of the losers in this election after losing his seat in the House of Representatives.

Maloney lost his re-election race in the House of Representatives to Republican candidate Mike Lawler in New York’s 17th district.

This loss made Maloney one of the most famous Democratic losers last night, The Hill said. Maloney served in Congress for 10 years, but his “controversial” move to a new district after redistricting was conducted based on the 2020 census, which cost him his loss.

Representative Maloney, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, conceded defeat on Wednesday, a “humiliating” loss for Democrats, says the magazine.Politico“.

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