Microsoft warns against relying on Internet Explorer and confirms: it causes malfunctions.. Know the details – News Portal

Microsoft has announced that it will continue end-of-life updates in 2023 for its previous browser, Internet Explorer, for older Windows versions, according to a Digital Trend report.

And although IE support was discontinued on the current Windows 11 version on June 15, Microsoft still allows the legacy browser to work on many older versions, including Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, Edu, and IoT.

And now the brand plans to start ending support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on those older system versions as well starting February 14, 2023, Microsoft said on its Windows Message Center page.

Microsoft has announced its plans now to give businesses and professional organizations time to migrate from Internet Explorer to a new browser, such as the brand’s current Microsoft Edge, and Edge has been the company’s flagship browser since early 2020.

However, until the IE lifecycle end-of-life process began in 2022, both browsers were running on Windows PCs, so users had multiple options.

Microsoft is now warning that “continued reliance on IE11 when Windows Update becomes available may cause business disruption.”

Those responsible for updates should begin by removing IE visual references from their systems, and removing IE visual references is an administrator-level task that requires the use of the Disable IE policy.

This must be done before February 14, 2023, and if not completed before then organizations will lose access to IE11-based applications.

The brand added that organizations that have taken action to update their browsers to Microsoft Edge do not have to take any further action on February 14.

Microsoft will also end-of-life for Windows 10 in phases as it did for Windows 11, and a future update scheduled for June 2023 will remove IE11 visual references, including IE11 icons, from the Windows 10 Start menu and taskbar, and the update will also be available in A non-security preview release for select versions of Windows 10 on May 23, 2023.

And Internet Explorer already works with Microsoft Edge in the “Reload in IE mode” button in its taskbar to get you used to using the newer browser.

And Internet Explorer mode allows you to view websites and applications based on legacy scripts and code in a more consistent way.

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