Microsoft stops selling Windows 10 downloads as part of a planned shutdown in 2025

As part of an effort to end support Windows 10 Home And Pro, stopped Microsoft Download sales on January 31, according to the product page you spotted The Vergethis date” will be the last day a download is offered Windows 10Microsoft, however, will continue to support the operating system Windows 10 with security updates until it is permanently retired in October 2025.

said a spokesperson Microsoft for The Vergewhile advising customers to buy Windows 11 Instead: ‚ÄúCustomers have until January 31, 2023 to purchase Windows 10 Home And Windows 10 Pro from this website”, however, may continue to be displayed Windows 10 Nowhere other than other retailers and OEMs, until you confirm Microsoft Unlike that.

It was launched Windows 10 First in 2015, so it will be discontinued exactly 10 years later, and the company announced an end date of June of 2021 as part of its “Modern Lifecycle Policy,” before the OS was released. Windows 11 directly, the operating system received generally good reviews and was a success upon arrival – in part because it replaced the operating system Windows 8which was not, as it was warmly received.

Meanwhile, the operating system was launched Windows 11 to decent acclaim, with applause for the polish and boos for the odd upgrade limitations, the minimum system requirements were relaxed shortly after launch, but the carry-over from Windows 10 It’s still slow, according to recent reports.


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