Microsoft Adds “Games for Work” to Teams – Details

extend/ Microsoft has added a new app called Games for Work to the Teams platform, allowing users to play casual multiplayer games together, and according to a report, up to 250 players can play Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft Minesweeper, Microsoft IceBreakers, and Microsoft Wordament with each other.

Microsoft says the idea behind the game’s development is to help co-workers “pause and reboot” in a virtual office environment, according to the report. With Solitaire, players will compete against each other to finish in first place, while with Minesweeper, players will work together to clear the board and each will have their own. Player a few lives.

However, Wordament is a word game. There will be a leaderboard where players can see their performance compared to their co-workers, and the report stated that players on IceBreakers answer questions about certain topics and possibly learn more about their co-workers in the process.

To develop Games for Work, team members worked with Microsoft Casual Games, a division of Xbox Game Studios, and the company cites data indicating that teams that play 45-minute games together are 20 percent more productive than those that do other types of team building.

“Research shows that games enhance cognitive benefits, help foster empathy, and encourage inclusion, team building, and learning,” the study said.


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