Meet a rival to Trump and Biden who stole the spotlight in the elections

Talking in the United States and others these days is about the most prominent flasher of lights that appeared in the American midterm elections, according to what can be deduced from what was reported in the media yesterday and today about Republican Ron DeSantis, who impressed with his performance, as well as by winning the governorship of Florida for a second term, and by an overwhelming majority that made him a competitor. Trump will win the Republican presidential nomination in the upcoming 2024 elections, amid reports, some of which stated that he will be 46 years old, while Trump is 78 and Biden is 82, a difference that affects the choices of the American voter.

The opinion that DeSantis, who studied history at Yale University in Connecticut, where he was captain of the baseball team, and then Harvard Law, according to what read in his biography, is a better option for Republicans than Trump, is what reinforces the opinion that his overwhelming victory is more supportive. Over his Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, he was by 19 points, equaling more than 1.5 million more votes, as he won 62 of Florida’s 67 counties, including a stunning victory in Miami-Dade County described as a traditional Democratic stronghold.

DeSantis, born in 1978 in Jacksonville, Florida, won for the first time a seat in 2012 in the state Congress, and after spending 5 years in it, during which he co-founded the “Freedom Bloc” of hard-line conservatives, won in 2018 the position of Governor of Florida, and then surprised him at the beginning of 2020 an enemy It was unthinkable and dangerous, it was the “Corona” that would kill and whatever it was, so he did not tolerate it, but rather rushed to combat it since its early days, at a time when the White House tolerated the virus and with it most of the states.

And the first thing DeSantis violated the general trends with, was an order he issued a general closure in the state, then he rushed and set up hundreds of testing centers and asked for millions of masks, and a year later he lifted restrictions and reopened schools, also violating the trends throughout the country at that time, “so many of the state’s residents appreciated his effort.” And his position”, according to the BBC quoted Republican strategist Sarah Longwill, founder of the Republican Voter Movement Against Trump.

“He was the father who took care of my children”

Trump does not hide his fear of the escalation of DeSantis, famous for his passionate expressions, when he returned last Monday evening to his home in Florida after a mass election rally in Ohio, according to what the British newspaper “The Times” reported yesterday, he watched him on a television screen nearby, and said to those with him: “This our competitor.” Before that, he referred to him and called him Ron De-Sanctimonious, meaning “Ron pretending to be polite and pious,” which provoked a reprimand from Republican conservatives, but he admitted the next day that he would win Florida for a second term, even if he did not have his clear and explicit support.

DeSantis, a soldier in Iraq

DeSantis, a soldier in Iraq

DeSantis, who has three children with his wife Casey Black who is two years younger than him, is known as a passionate US Navy veteran who stood by his wife, a former local TV news anchor, and helped her battle her much-tired breast cancer for a year. I even defeated him 8 months ago, so a few days ago I sent an influential television message to voters, which had a great effect.

She said to them, “If you really wanted to know DeSantis, he was the father who took care of my children when I couldn’t. He was always close to me to lift me off the ground when I couldn’t stand. He was always with me to fight when I didn’t have the strength to fight for myself. That’s Ron DeSantis”.

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