Maxwell Frost is the first Generation Z candidate to enter the US House of Representatives

The young Maxwell Frost, 25, became the first member of the US Congress to belong to the “Generation Z”, with his victory Tuesday for a seat in the House of Representatives from the Democratic Party.

And US news networks announced Frost’s victory over Republican Calvin Wembish shortly after the polls closed.

“We won,” Frost tweeted, adding, “We made history for Florida residents, for Generation Z, and for everyone who believes we deserve a better future.”

Generation Z comes after the millennial generation, who were born between the mid-nineties and the mid-first decade of the second millennium and whose members are distinguished by their abilities to use technology and adapt to it.

Frost, an African-American who was raised by a Cuban-born adoptive mother, will join the majority of white and gray-haired lawmakers in the US House of Representatives, where the average age is 58, according to “AFP”.

“We need this representation in Congress so that we have a government that looks like our country and feels what this country is going through,” Frost told AFP in Orlando last month during the election campaign.

Frost worked on an Uber during the campaign to make ends meet, allying himself with Democratic Progressives, focusing his campaign on social justice and the fight against climate change. He said he would use his position in Washington to search for solutions to gun violence in the United States.

Frost was 15 years old in 2012 when he was traumatized by a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and like many of his classmates, he later decided to engage in civic activism.

Frost later became a representative of March for Our Lives, a student group that led a massive 2018 protest against gun violence.

And in New Hampshire, another candidate for Generation Z is Caroline Levitt, 25, who is in the race for Congress, but she belongs in the other direction, as she considers herself a proud supporter of former President Donald Trump and calls for lower taxes and toughness at the border.

Currently, Republican Madison Cawthorne, who is 27 years old, is the youngest member of Congress.

Frost is among six new members, so far, to reach the US House of Representatives in a vote Tuesday from Florida, the place Republicans used to redraw a map of Congress led by Governor Ron DeSantis, according to the Associated Press.

The economy affects the minds of Florida voters. Most believe things are going wrong in the country, according to an extensive survey of more than 3,200 Florida voters, conducted by the Associated Press. Half of the participants consider the economy and job opportunities to be the most important issues facing the country.

The study notes that 8 out of 10 voters say the country’s economy is neither good nor poor. Regarding their family’s financial situation, 6 in 10 voters said they were confident they could keep up with their expenses and find a good job if needed.

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