Mask doesn’t know what to do!

Amidst the confusion witnessed by the giant Twitter company during the past days, with Changes that are beginning to unfoldAs well as the firing of dozens of employees, the criticism campaign against Elon Musk appears to be on the rise.

Bruce Daisley, Twitter’s vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa from 2015 to 2020, considered that the new owner of the popular platform “doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

The former senior executive stressed that the actions of the American billionaire “worry everyone,” especially after major commercial companies stopped their advertising spending on the platform.


He also expressed his shock at the “undemocratic” changes that Twitter has undergone since Musk’s arrival, according to him.

In addition, he added in comments to The News Agents podcast yesterday, “I think Elon was thinking that he would come and solve all the problems but he would realize very quickly that it’s a lot more complicated.” “It’s very clear with every public action he’s taken since his acquisition of the blue bird that he doesn’t know what he’s doing,” he added.

Elon Musk (archive - AFP)

Elon Musk (archive – AFP)

And the Tesla chief, who officially took over management of Twitter more than a week ago, last Friday laid off half of the company’s employees, including the human rights team, after he earlier dismissed 4 of its senior executives.

$ way!

This prompted the United Nations even to express its concern, as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk sent an open letter on Saturday to Musk, urging him to “ensure that human rights are fundamental to the Twitter management.”

It is noteworthy that the world’s richest people were also officially announced yesterday, imposing a price of 8 dollars per month in exchange for placing the blue mark on the verified accounts, which sparked a wave of great resentment and various criticisms on social media.

However, the controversial man did not care about the campaign he was exposed to over the past days, stressing that there is no escape from these measures, whether laying off employees or imposing the monthly fee, in order to compensate for the heavy losses incurred by the singing bird.

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