Mashhad al-Sakhr weeps.. A father celebrates the birth of his son, who was killed in Iran’s protests over his grave

A video clip showed the father of one of the dead protests in Iran, He commemorates the birth of his son at his grave.

According to the information, the young man is called Farzin Maroufi, at the age of 22, and he was killed by the Iranian security forces a few days ago.

The Iranian Human Rights Organization announced that the death toll from the protests at the hands of the security forces has risen to 469 since the start of the demonstrations in mid-September.

The organization said that the death toll includes 63 children and 32 women in the protests taking place in the country since the death of the young woman, Mahsa Amini.

She added that at least 39 protesters are currently facing execution, while warning of the possibility of executions in the country on a “large scale”.

In a related context, the famous Iranian actress and activist in the field of women’s rights, Traneh Ali Dosti, was arrested in Iran against the background of the protest movement taking place in the country, according to local media.

The 38-year-old Iranian actress, known for her roles in several films, announced several times her support on Instagram for the demonstrations that erupted after the death of Mahsa Amini.

Tasnim news agency said that Traneh Ali Dosti was arrested for what it considered to be publishing false information and content and inciting chaos, without giving details of her whereabouts.

In the latest developments in the situation in Iran, Iranian media also reported that a number of medical staff members in the country announced their participation in strikes and protests scheduled for this week.

Iranian press reports said that members of the medical staff showed solidarity with the strikes scheduled for next Monday for a period of three days, in condemnation of the repression of the security forces and the regime’s policy of executions in response to the demonstrations.

The protests in Iran continue with greater momentum, through night demonstrations, civil disobedience, and a strike that included large sectors, most notably oil, at a time when calls for demonstrations are spreading on the 19th, 20th, and 21st of this month.

Meanwhile, according to Iranian press reports, protests took place in Karaj prison in northern Iran. This is because the authorities intend to implement a death sentence against a number of prisoners.

Reports stated that clashes broke out between prison officers and prisoners after preparations for the execution of dozens of death sentences on charges of “drug trafficking”.

Before that, Iranian media announced the arrest of the lawyers of two Iranian journalists, who were imprisoned for exposing the murder of the Kurdish young woman, Mahsa Amini, at the hands of the Iranian police.

The Iranian newspaper Mihan said that the lawyer, Muhammad Ali Kam-Fairouzi, was arrested with another group of activists and journalists last week, and the detainees face charges related to “propaganda against the regime and conspiracy against national security.”

On the other hand, his colleagues confirm that he did not receive any summons, and that he is being detained without any legal form, and the reason for his arrest is still unknown.

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