Ma’an and the Triangle of the Political Crisis in Jordan: Protesters, Jihadists, and the Government

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  • BBC News Arabic – Ma’an, Jordan

A member of the Bedoul tribe in the ancient city of Petra in Ma'an Governorate, Jordan, watches the sunset.  February 2019.

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On the morning of Monday, the nineteenth of December, the Jordanian authorities surprised their citizens by accusing the Salafi-jihadi movement, or what they describe as the “takfiri” movement, of killing a senior police officer and three security personnel days later, after a raid on the killer’s house in the Husseiniya area. On the outskirts of the southern governorate of Ma’an, which has an estimated population of about 170,000 people, who are predominantly tribal.

These events coincided with the transformation of peaceful popular sit-ins into riots and violence in different regions, but they were concentrated in Ma’an.

The people of Ma’an constitute the equivalent of 60 percent of the transportation sector in Jordan, according to official figures, so the increase in fuel prices affected them greatly.

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