“Looks forward to strengthening relations in all fields.” Al-Burhan congratulates Netanyahu

On Sunday, the head of the Sovereignty Council in Sudan, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, issued another stern warning to Islamists and other political factions against any interference in the affairs of the army, amid talks with civilian parties to form a non-partisan government.

More than a year after the army took power in a coup, the military, its former civilian partners and other political forces have begun UN-brokered talks to agree on a new political framework.

However, Islamist supporters of former President Omar al-Bashir criticized the army’s efforts to form a partnership with pro-democracy civilian groups, as well as the international intervention of the United Nations and Western mediators.

On Saturday, thousands of Bashir supporters organized a protest against the ongoing talks. Al-Burhan warned both the civil parties and the Islamists who previously held power against interfering in the army.

Al-Burhan said in a speech at an army base west of the capital, “We will not allow a party to tamper with the armed forces, nor will we allow a party to dismantle it and not enter its hand into it.”

“We warned the Islamists against attempts to interfere in the army and divide it,” he added.

Since the October 2021 coup, Sudan has been without a new prime minister or government, the country has witnessed increasing tribal violence, and its economy has slipped into further turmoil. Both the army and the participating parties said they aimed to lead the country out of chaos.

Al-Burhan had confirmed in a speech on the sixth of November that the talks had begun, and he acknowledged today, Sunday, that the army had submitted its observations on a draft constitution, which the United Nations said last week was the basis for the discussions it had initiated.

Al-Burhan said in the speech, “There is no bilateral settlement. There is a paper on which our work presented observations that preserve the army’s independence … We warn politicians against interfering in the armed forces.”

“We seek to get along with all of our neighbours,” he added.

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