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The Ministry of Health published, through the account of its awareness platform, “Live Healthy” on “Twitter”, that the factors that improve your mental health are based on “continuous learning, sports activity, giving, and healthy food.”
And if we check what was published by the Ministry of Health, we find that mental health is one of the most important factors that work towards a better life full of giving and guiding human behavior in the right direction in all the situations in which we live.
The fact that “Mental Health” sets standards for improving mental health based on “continuous learning, sports activity, giving, and healthy food” is the best evidence and best example of the Ministry’s interest in everything that leads to improving mental health and achieving a state of psychological stability, and the feeling of happiness represented in Moderation of joking, a sense of comfort, contentment and emotional balance, which psychologists have defined as a state of psychological stability, where the individual is equipped with the ability to respond to all different stimuli, and this ability is a characteristic of life.
With the concept of violation, we find that the person with an abnormal psyche has a set of responses and behaviors that make him unable to control many of his feelings, and increase the area of ​​tension, anxiety and frustration, which appears with the first situation he is exposed to.
Mental health, which is based on continuous learning, is based on the course of a person’s life and increases his productivity at work as the main factor for giving and well-being, and building an integrated personality, which makes the individual able to assume his responsibilities and take advantage of his activity in giving, and accomplish many works that are difficult for others to accomplish if he lives healthy. Bad psyche. For this reason, we find that a lot of research and studies have published a lot of research on mental health. Because of its importance, and the great role it plays in upgrading and achieving tangible progress, which reflects positively on the environment in which we live.
Among the important criteria published by the Ministry for mental health and a happy life is sports activity; This is because sport has an effective and important role in building a strong body that enjoys the greatest amount of activity and vitality. Sport has proven to be an effective and important tool in achieving the desired goals and strengthening the body’s immunity, which is reflected in the fight against many diseases.
We also find that healthy, balanced food plays a major role in improving mental health and mood, which works as an adjunctive treatment to get rid of negative mental disorders, such as depression.
In sum, we can say that in order for us to live in good health; We must take into account all the ingredients and standards that support an advanced level of a good healthy life.


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