“Legitimate betrayal”… A famous Egyptian “blogger” story turned communication around

A state of controversy witnessed on social media during the past hours, with the circulation of the story of “blogger” Rahaf Al-Shami, who married her close friend’s husband.

Rahaf Al-Shami’s story began when her friend Salma published a post on her Facebook account, in which she said that she had discovered the blogger’s betrayal of her.

Salma said that she was surprised by the pictures of her husband’s engagement to her best friend Rahaf Al-Shami, which shocked her, especially since the “blogger” Rahaf attended their wedding 5 years ago, and got to know her as her husband’s friend, a long time ago.

Salma and Sameh’s wedding in the presence of Rahaf

Salma's wedding

She forced him to divorce her

At the time, Salma thought that her husband and Rahaf Al-Shami were just friends, but she was surprised that the “blogger” Rahaf Al-Shami had an emotional relationship with her husband, and said: “The latter asked her husband to divorce her in order to agree to his engagement.” Indeed, Sameh Abu Al-Hassan Salma divorced since August In the past, he proposed to the “blogger” sermon after his divorce.

Salma confirmed that Rahaf Al-Shami was approaching Salma for the sake of her husband, Sameh, and she unfollowed her friend Salma so that she would not be able to see the engagement pictures.

Blogger clears itself

The pioneers of social networking sites shared the statements of the ex-wife of Rahaf’s fiancé, and it spread on social media with all its applications, and attached to the details of the story pictures proving Rahaf’s relationship with Salma and their friendship, including a wedding photo to congratulate her on their newborn.

With the spread of the story extensively and the interaction of the pioneers of communication with her, Rahaf Al-Shami went out to clear herself, and said that her current fiancé was her fiancé 10 years ago, but the sermon was not completed and completed by marriage, and that the reason for this is the ex-wife of her fiancé who set intrigues until she fell between them and married him.

She published a number of stories to explain the matter, and after a few hours she deleted them, and contented herself with: “The truth has always remained with those who know how to tell the story with pain and tired tears, not with those who tell the truth.”

The share brought us together after 10 years

Rahaf Al-Shami documented her love story in a “Reel” video clip on “Instagram” about the way she met her fiancé 10 years ago at the university and stated: “I loved the first Real Bina, the way we met 10 years ago remains. I had 17 years and the 18 Salvation, and he is still inside the first college, and Sameh was graduating from his last year at the university. We messed with each other because I was tense and eclipsed, and I did not know what this university was doing to it. The first man literally spoke to him in the whole university, and after 10 years, the share brought us together again.

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