Learn how to use Photo Shuffle to change your iPhone’s wallpaper

Follow-up – Jawdat Nasri

Many iPhone users want to change the shape of some icons inside the device as well as the background color, and in turn Apple has provided a feature in which you can choose a series of natural images that you can use to change the background of the phone and the lock screen and make them a rotating gallery of distinctive and unique images, and during the following lines we show you How to use the Photo Shuffle feature in simple steps.

How to use the Photo Shuffle feature

According to what was mentioned on “the verge” website, you must follow these steps:

Go to the Settings app and then to Background.

– Click on Add a new background and then the Switch Pictures icon.

Select the number of times you want the background to appear changing.

Click on the “Use featured images” button.

After creating the Photo Shuffle background, adjust what you want to change, whether the number of times you change the image or the categories you want to appear.

Then go back to settings again, and choose wallpaper.

– Click on the customize button located in the background of random images.

– In the event that you find an image that you do not want to appear on the lock screen, press the Customize button and then on the lock screen again, sometimes you may have to click on the list of images to find the image that you want to get rid of.

Set the eSIM on the new iPhone

Make sure your old iPhone is running iOS 16 or later.

Make sure that bluetooth is turned on.

– Enter the settings to transfer the eSIM on the new iPhone by selecting the phone network and then setting up the cellular phone.

Turn off the old version of the iPhone, and if asked, enter the verification code on the new version.

Select the phone number you want to transfer from the options that appear on the screen, then press Confirm.

The process is successful, but make sure that the phones are close to each other until the setup process is complete.

Keep in mind that your old physical SIM card will no longer work.

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