Learn about the most suitable phone for upgrading for iPhone 11 and earlier users

In September, Apple released the “iPhone 14” iPhone 14 models, so only three months have passed since its launch, which is long enough for its users to pass their judgment on it.

In this regard, Dan Barbera, the photographer of “Mac Rumors”, presented a review of that period, using the “iPhone 14 Pro Max” model as his main phone.

Features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

“Barbera” said that in terms of durability, the “iPhone 14 Pro Max” holds up well, despite the presence of a deep scratch on the screen, continuing: but this usually happens.

Regarding the paint, he explained that stainless steel in black is prone to scratching, but it seems to be more durable than the paint in the “iPhone 13 Pro Max” 13 Pro Max.

And he talked about the screen and the dynamic island, saying, It is always a great feature, especially with the iOS 16.2 updates that allow the screen background to be hidden, continuing: The dynamic island has not been used yet..but the live activities are still new and have not been widely adopted. by third party applications.

He pointed out that the 48-megapixel upgrade to the main camera in the iPhone 14 Pro models makes a big difference in quality, but it is not something for daily use due to file sizes, continuing that the sensor upgrade makes improvements to all images, and the option The new 4K 24fps Cinematic Mode results in stunning video production.

He concluded that the phone is worth buying, for those thinking of upgrading, if they are users of the “iPhone 11” or earlier, stressing that it is not worth using one of the standard 14 models, but only the “Pro” models, due to the huge number of features provided by Apple. Exclusively for iPhone 14 Pro models‌.


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