Leaks about the most important specifications and features of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max 2023

Rumors and leaks related to the iPhone 15 phones started and will increase over time, until the expected release date in September, and new reports indicate that Apple is expected to launch the main iPhone features that a mobile phone must have, 15 smartphones will be launched in 2023.

Specifications of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max 2023

These specifications, according to a Bloomberg report published Thursday, and a statement from TSMC:

  • Reduced power consumption, increased battery size, and smart battery use thanks to the new processor that Apple will put in the iPhone 15 Pro.
  • The production process starts with a 3nm process, unlike the previous generation that used a 5nm process.
  • The new Apple chips will consume 35% less power than the previous generation, which means increased battery life compared to the current iPhone 14.
  • The chipset will also be faster in terms of performance, but that is not the case. If Apple had designed the (electronic) processors used in iPhones, it might have chosen to present the improvements offered by 3nm processors differently, rather than focusing on maximizing power.

iPhone 15 release date

According to several reports this week about the expected release date of the series iPhone 15Apple used to launch its new phones every September, and this happened about two weeks before the arrival of its new devices on the market, which is likely to happen in September 2023. Moon, according to some unconfirmed leaks, Apple may unveil the iPhone 15 in the first week From the month of September, provided that the series of devices goes on sale in the last week of the same month.

Prices for the expected iPhone 15 series versions

  • iPhone 15, 256 GB, at $ 1,000.
  • As for the iPhone 15, 512 GB, at a price of $ 1250.
  • As that iPhone 15 1 terabyte at $1,500.
  • iPhone 15 Pro capacity at $ 256 1400.
  • And iPhone 15 Pro capacity 512 at a price of $ 1600.
  • iPhone 15 Pro capacity of 1 TB at a price of $ 1950.
  • And iPhone 15 Pro Max, capacity 512, at a price of $ 2100.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max, 1 TB, at $ 2,350.

There were rumors that the price of the iPhone 14 was rumored to increase by about 10%, but this turned out to be incorrect, indicating that the price of the iPhone 14 series will only increase in the United States, reaching about $ 800 for the 128 GB version.

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