Lavrov rejects the “peace formula” put forward by Zelensky

He said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei LavrovToday, Thursday, Moscow will not use the “peace formula” put forward by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a basis for negotiations, the RIA news agency reported.

He added that Moscow believes that Kyiv is still not ready for real peace talks. Lavrov also told the RIA news agency that Kyiv’s idea of ​​expelling Russia from eastern Ukraine and Crimea with the help of the West is an “illusion”.

And the Foreign Minister confirmed, on Wednesday, that the United States made it clear to Moscow through diplomatic channels that it does not intend to send experts to Ukraine to manage the Patriot air defense systems, according to what was reported by the Russian agency Sputnik.

He also said that Washington had informally suggested several times to Moscow to hold meetings, and Moscow agreed each time, but so far only a meeting between the two countries’ foreign intelligence chiefs in Ankara has been achieved.

Zelensky plan

Zelensky announced his peace formula for the first time at a summit in November of the Group of Twenty. The plan calls for:

1- Radiological and nuclear safety, with a focus on restoring security around the largest nuclear plant in Europe, the Zaporizhia plant in Ukraine, which is currently under Russian control.

2- Food security, including the protection and guarantee of Ukrainian grain exports to the poorest countries in the world.

3- Energy security, focusing on price restrictions on Russian energy resources, in addition to assisting Ukraine in repairing and rehabilitating the electricity infrastructure, about half of which was damaged by the Russian attacks.

4- The release of all prisoners and deportees, including prisoners of war and children who have been deported to Russia.

5- Restoring the Ukrainian territorial integrity and Russia’s affirmation of it according to the United Nations Charter, in a clause that Zelensky said was “non-negotiable.”

6- Withdrawing the Russian forces, stopping hostilities, and restoring the borders between Ukraine and Russia to their previous state.

7- Justice, including the establishment of a special court to prosecute war crimes perpetrators from Russia.

8- Preventing the annihilation of the natural environment and the need to protect the environment by focusing on removing mines and repairing water treatment facilities.

9- Preventing the escalation of the conflict and building a security structure in the Euro-Atlantic space, including guarantees for Ukraine.

10- Confirming the end of the war by signing a document from all concerned parties.

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