Launching an augmented reality headset.. What about its features?

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The company that produces the famous “Pokemon Go” game has announced the launch of an augmented reality headset, specially designed for outdoor wear and use.

Pokemon Go is often considered an augmented reality game because it doesn’t fit the image of what an augmented reality game or app should look like, even though it technically adds a virtual layer on top of reality, often through location data.

According to Yanko Design, there are already a number of AR headsets on the market today, but few are designed for casual use.

The majority are manufactured for use indoors, often in professional or industrial settings, where bright sunlight is not a problem and comfort is almost always secondary to the facilities.

According to the company, for Niantic Labs, comfort is already a top priority, and has designed working prototypes around those requirements.

The prototypes shown by the game developer look sleeker and less bulky compared to many virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, and the company balances the weight of the headset by moving some parts to the back of your head instead of putting everything on top.

The two parts will be joined together by what appears to be a fabric-covered elastic band, considering how these materials come into contact with sweat and dirt most of the time.

The most important part of Niantic’s offering is that the prototypes actually work as advertised.

The wearer can see the real world as well as virtual objects such as robots and ninjas outdoors in bright light.

The most prominent application for this device revolves around augmented reality games, but navigation and mapping are also ideal for third-party augmented reality headsets like this one.

So far, Niantic Labs has not given any timetable for when these devices will be released.

Developing electronic games that contain “physical effort” using augmented reality

In the same context, researchers have announced earlier that they plan to convert competitive electronic games that are loved by a large group of young people, into physical sports, that make the player make an effort while playing, as if he is practicing a physical sport that will be beneficial to him.

According to international newspapers and websites, the plan that the researchers are working on aims to encourage young people to play sports so that electronic games are not just a “waste of time”, as well as by playing the electronic games they love, using virtual reality.

Esports tournaments feature hundreds of players who often gather in huge halls sitting comfortably as they compete in their favorite games for prize money and fame, by mixing physical activity with gaming in what is called free virtual reality.

The most successful game of this type is Hado, a dodgeball-style activity where players shoot fireballs at each other in an attempt to win

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