Kyiv forces are moving to a strategic axis, and Moscow thwarts offensive attempts in several axes

continue Russian military operation in UkraineToday, Sunday, when units of the Russian army are trying to extend control over the Ukrainian regions and strike the positions of the Kyiv forces, while the latter continues to resist and try to regain its lands with material and military support from the West.

In the latest field developments, an air alert was declared throughout Ukraine in anticipation of Russian raids, while the Russian Ministry of Defense reported thwarting Ukrainian offensive attempts on several axes and targeting military units, which resulted in the killing of more than 220 dead and wounded Ukrainian mercenaries and soldiers, according to what was reported. The Russian media quoted the ministry.

While the pro-Russian Luhansk authorities announced that Ukraine had transferred more forces to the strategic Svatovo axis, the pro-Russian Zaporizhia authorities announced the establishment of a new defensive line to confront any Ukrainian advance, stressing that the construction of defensive structures on the front lines is about to be completed.

Earlier, Ukraine’s emergency services said that three of its members died at dawn Sunday when a mine exploded while they were clearing mines from parts of the Kherson region. Russia, which launched its military operation in Ukraine 10 months ago, controls most, but not all, of the Kherson region. By mid-November, Ukrainian forces had recaptured Kherson and a number of towns in the region. Bomb experts have been working there since then, after President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russian forces heavily mined buildings and objects.

Also in the latest development, the pro-Russian authorities in the city of Mariupol began demolishing a theater that Ukraine said was bombed by Russian forces on March 16. Images taken by the Maxar satellite company show the extent of the damage to the theater before it was demolished.

Ukraine said hundreds of civilians were sheltering there at the time, and accused Russia of committing a war crime in targeting the crime scene.

And we coincided, and in an evening message on Christmas Eve, President Volodymyr Zelensky pledged to the Ukrainian people to restore freedom to their country.

Zelensky said that drones and hiding in shelters do not scare Ukrainians, and that the road to freedom has a great price. The Ukrainian president also renewed the accusation that Russia is responsible for killing thousands of Ukrainians and displacing millions by using marches and missiles.

Because of the war, Ukraine turned into a testing ground for weapons and modern fighting techniques. Both sides of the war use what is available in their arsenals to achieve superiority over the opponent.

In his latest speeches, Russian President Putin urged the leaders of the Russian military industry to increase production, calling on the military-industrial complex to benefit from the experiences gained from the war to develop Moscow’s arsenal.

The most prominent characteristic of the war in Ukraine is the reliance on drones, such as the Kalashnikov and the Russian Lancet.

Russia had resorted to cheap Iranian manufacturing to obtain booby-trapped drones to strike Ukrainian infrastructure, but Moscow has more advanced weapons that it uses against important targets such as command and control headquarters and Ukrainian arms depots, such as the Caliber cruise missiles, which range between 1,500 and 2,500 kilometers.

As for Ukraine, it relied on the Turkish Bayraktar march at the beginning of the war, then it received aid from its Western allies, and it obtained Switch Blade and Phoenix Ghosts. With Zelensky’s recent visit to Washington, the Patriot air defense system will enter the battlefield in Ukraine.

In the east of the country, Russian strikes are still continuing on Bakhmut, which the Russians have been trying to control since the summer, according to what the Ukrainian presidency announced, on Saturday, noting that “the city center was bombed several times” the day before.

For weeks, Kyiv has been calling for new financial and military aid from the West, which could give Zelensky and his forces a major boost in the face of the Russian bear.

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