Kuwait rains.. lakes in the streets and anger on the communication sites

Kuwait is witnessing a state of instability in the weather and heavy rain, which led to the emergence of lakes in some streets and the flooding of some commercial complexes with water, which caused a wave of anger among activists on social media.

On Friday, the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Majlis, published a video clip documenting that the rain caused “lakes of water to appear in the streets of the city of Jahra”, which caused some cars to break down.

The rain caused the “Avenues” complex to sink, and it appeared in a video clip of “water leakage” inside the largest commercial complex in Kuwait, according to what was published by the “Al-Majlis” newspaper.

In another clip, a number of “ducks” appeared swimming in the rain water accumulated in Barr Al-Sabbaya camp.

This caused a state of anger among some Kuwaiti activists, who denounced “the poor implementation of road works and the authorities’ inability to address the problems of flooding streets,” calling for those responsible for this “corruption” to be held accountable.

On Friday, Kuwaiti firefighting teams dealt with 147 reports during the period of rain in various governorates, according to what was published by the newspaper,The opinion“.

The most important reports were concentrated in the tunnels and roads in which large amounts of rain water collected, and a number of people trapped in their vehicles were rescued in some ways, according to the newspaper.

Most of the reports were concentrated in the governorates of Jahra, Farwaniya, Al-Asimah and Hawalli, and the number of people who were rescued after being held in their vehicles reached 211, according to “Al-Rai”.

And against the background of what happened from the sinking due to the rain, informed sources in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Works revealed to the newspaper, “Al Qabas“The Minister, Amani Bou Gamaz, strongly blamed the officials of the maintenance engineering sector in the ministry during her follow-up from the operating room.

The sources said that “the minister inquired about the reasons for the recurrence of water gatherings in a number of areas of Kuwait,” noting that she expressed her strong anger about this.

The Minister of Works affirmed that all officials or contractors proven to be negligent will be held accountable, and that procedures will be announced in this regard early next week. The sources did not rule out an intention to open an investigation in this regard, according to Al-Qabas.

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