Kurdish demonstrators set fires in the center of Paris.. and the riot police are moving

Violent clashes took place between the French police and demonstrators from the Kurdish community in Paris, who staged a massive and angry demonstration today, Friday, a few hours after the An attack killed 3 Kurds In the center of the French capital.

Protesters also set fires in the 10th arrondissement in central Paris, blocked some roads with garbage containers and threw stones at police officers, according to Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath correspondent.

In turn, the French police fired tear gas at the demonstration, which took place in the tenth arrondissement in the center of the French city.

And the French police sent a riot police force that arrived in the center of the capital to control the events.

It also sent reinforcements to the Strasbourg-Saint-Denis area, which is home to restaurants and shops owned by the Kurdish community in Paris.

In addition, the Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported that two protesters were injured and in critical condition.

The beginning of the clashes

The clashes began when the crowd tried to breach a security cordon imposed by the police around Interior Minister Gerald Darmanan, who went to the scene of the attack to see the latest developments in the investigation and to speak to journalists.

Earlier today, the shooting incident took place on Dangyin Street in the 10th district, which is a commercial and vital area and is visited by members of the Kurdish community in particular.

“move solo”

For his part, the French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanan, confirmed today, Friday, that Paris attacker Which killed 3 members of the Kurdish community, he moved alone.

“The perpetrator of the Paris attack is 69 years old and is known to French intelligence,” he said from the scene of the accident in the tenth district in the center of the capital, indicating that he targeted foreigners.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin at the scene of the accident in Paris

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin at the scene of the accident in Paris

The French minister added to reporters, “We do not yet know the motives of the perpetrator,” noting that he had asked the police to strengthen the protection of the Kurdish centers.

“We will allow the demonstrations called for by the Kurdish community,” he added.

The three dead are Kurds

The Public Prosecution had announced that an investigation had been opened for the crimes of assassination, premeditated murder and aggravated violence. The investigations are currently entrusted to the criminal team of the Parisian Judicial Police.

According to the preliminary toll, three people were killed and three others wounded, according to the Public Prosecution Office in Paris.

For his part, David Indyk, a lawyer for the Kurdish Community Center, said that the three dead were members of the Kurdish community in the region, according to Reuters.

A train driver.. and one of those with precedents

According to a police source, the shooter is a retired Frenchman who used to work as a train driver with previous criminal records.

For his part, the mayor of Paris said that the perpetrator of the 10th arrondissement attack was an activist on the far right, adding, “The Kurds have the right to be able to live in peace in France.”

While French media reported that the perpetrator of the Paris attack attacked a refugee center a year ago.

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