Khaled bin Fahd is pleased with victory.. the fate of the Al-Hilal star deal and the historical duo

Prince Khalid bin Fahd, a member of the Golden Honor Club, attends victoryA “historic surprise” for the fans of the first football team, before the opening of the next winter transfer window, “January 2023”.

Al-Nasr is presenting good levels in the current sports season 2022-2023; It ranks second in the rankings Roshan Saudi Pro Leaguewith 19 points.

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Al-Alameya is only 3 points away from the first football team of the club Youngleague leader; This is after 8 rounds of competition.

* Prince Khaled bin Fahd’s “historic” surprise for Al-Nasr Club

Earlier, the sports journalist Abdulaziz Al-Osaimi, and more than one Nasrawi source, announced that Ibn Fahd sponsored; The settlement of some financial issues, in which final decisions were issued by the International Football Association “FIFA”, against the club.

the decision of the golden honorary member; It comes in order to provide an opportunity for the Nasr Board of Directors; To obtain a certificate of “financial competence”, and to register new winter deals.

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Therefore, it will be the responsibility of the Nasra administration, headed by Musali Al Muammar, to persuade some international stars to join the first football team. As follows:

1- Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese legend announced, in statements to the media, Piers Morgan, his desire to continue in the competition English Premier LeagueAfter leaving Manchester United.

And with desire Crescent moon And victory in contracting him.. The Muammar family will have to offer temptations to Ronaldo; To change his mind, and convince him to play in the Middle East.

2- Luis Suarez

One of the best players in history Barcelona, ​​Spain And Liverpool, England, confirmed his desire to move to the United States of America, especially the Inter Miami team, owned by English legend David Beckham.

And the Nasra administration has put Suarez, as one of the offensive options, in the next winter Mercato, and the administration will have to persuade him not to move to America, and to join the Saudi League.

3- Lucas Moura

wing Tottenham Hotspur, Englandone of the biggest goals of Al-Nasr club, almost two years ago, especially after he moved away from the starting lineup of his team.

However, the officials of the World Castle will have a very difficult task to reduce the amount of money requested by the English team, to give up Moura.

4- Nasser Al-Dosari

The jewel of Al Hilal club, enters the free period of his contract, with the first football team, next January, and has not yet been renewed.

And since 2019 .. andAl Dossary One of the most important goals of Al-Nasr Club, and the Board of Directors of the Muammar family will have to convince him not to accept any offer from Al-Hilal, and to join Al-Alamy “for free”, starting from the 2023-2024 season.

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