Joy Awards: Split about the concert…”dazzling” or “random”?

Some of the winners

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Some of the winners

The Entertainment Makers Joy Awards 2022 ceremony, hosted by the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on Saturday evening, sparked controversy and division on social media.

The ceremony was held within the activities of the Riyadh Season, sponsored by Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, in the presence of a large number of stars from the world and the Arab world, who were honored with the “Best” awards for this year.

“wow party”

In parallel with the ceremony, tweeters launched the hashtag #JoyAwards to talk about it and discuss many of the details that took place during that night.

Many expressed their feelings of pride and happiness at seeing many international and Arab names on the territory of the Kingdom, and their amazement at the organizers’ attention to all the details.

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