Jordanian Dinar: “Replacing the Knights with the Bird” raises controversy in Jordan

Jordanian Dinar

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Jordanian Dinar

The announcement of the Central Bank of Jordan, offering a new version of the Jordanian currency for circulation, sparked widespread controversy through social networking sites in Jordan because of the replacement of “symbols of the Arab revolution and its flag with the “Sinai Jasm” bird.

The Central Bank of Jordan had announced, on Monday, the launch of the fifth issue of the Jordanian currency for circulation in the same denominations as the current issue (fifty dinars, twenty dinars, ten dinars, five dinars and one dinar denomination).

The Jordanian Central Bank began offering the dinar denomination (one dinar) for circulation on Monday, December 26, provided that it will offer other denominations within dates that will be announced later.

According to the Central Bank of Jordan, the new issue includes “the latest security signs used in the world of the monetary industry, in addition to improving the quality of banknotes available for circulation and extending their life, given that nearly twenty years have passed since the launch of the fourth issue of the Jordanian currency in circulation and the emergence of the need to strengthen security signs and technical specifications.” for the banknote.

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