Jordan.. A girl kills and injures five of her family members

Activists circulated on social media, videos and publications talking about “closing the Saudi-Jordanian land border” following the escalation of protests taking place in several Jordanian cities, before an informed Saudi source revealed the truth of the matter.

Activists published a video clip that they said monitored the closure of the borders between the two countries after the escalation of protests in Jordan, noting that “the crisis caused the presence of two Saudis stranded in Jordan.”

However, an informed source denied the authenticity of this news, stressing that the publications circulated on communication sites in this regard are not true, according to the “”News 24Saudi.

The source said that “there is no truth to what has been said about closing the borders,” noting at the same time that there are “minor problems.”

Governorates in southern Jordan have recently witnessed mostly peaceful strikes, in protest against the rise in fuel prices, starting with truck drivers and sometimes joined by taxi and public bus drivers, according to “Agence France Presse”.

The protests turned into unrest and riots in the city of Ma’an and several cities in southern Jordan, in the worst unrest there in years, according to Reuters.

And the Jordanian police said that three of its members were killed, on Monday, when they raided a hideout for gunmen suspected of killing an officer during a riot in the southern city of Ma’an.

Police said evidence showed the 20-year-old militant who opened fire before he was killed was the gunman responsible for shooting the senior police officer, adding that “four of his brothers were among those arrested in the raid.”

The Jordanian government pledged to take strict measures and deploy more riot police to counter violent protesters protesting difficult living conditions.

Police said more than 40 security personnel were injured in the clashes, in which demonstrators smashed cars, burned tires and erected roadblocks.

Authorities said they had arrested 44 in connection with the unrest and that 200 suspects were wanted.

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