Joint statement of the Football Association and the Clubs Association after the meeting with Clattenburg

Within the framework of continuous cooperation and coordination between Egyptian Football Association And the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association, a lengthy meeting was held today, Monday, with the main referees committee headed by Mark Clattenburg, which witnessed a review and discussion of the clubs’ complaints and objections to arbitration decisions in some Premier League matches, and the association confronted Clattenburg with all the clubs’ observations on the referees’ performance, whether on the field or related to Video technology and the need to update it.

In turn, the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Football Association called on Clattenburg to intensify his meetings and lectures with referees to improve arbitration performance, with the need to give opportunity to talented and young referees and apply the principle of reward and punishment.

For his part, Clattenburg responded to the cases put forward by the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association and reviewed what was implemented in the last period of the development plan, and promised to develop arbitration performance and work to reduce avoiding recent mistakes and work with a different strategy.

It was agreed to hold a periodic meeting every month between the three parties to follow up on what has been accomplished in terms of the arbitration development plan and the actual results on the ground.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Egyptian Football Association and the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association affirmed their confidence in the capabilities of the Egyptian referees, and that the federation and the league are at the same distance from all clubs.


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