Jennifer Lopez deletes her history on “Instagram” .. What is going on?

Surprisingly, the international singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, deleted all posts from her Instagram account, which has 227 million followers, and the profile picture was replaced with a black image only.

The American star’s social media accounts also turned black, without any explanation, which prompted her fans to ask why this happened.

Glow’s accounts on Twitter (45.5 million followers) and TikTok (15.4 million) have replaced their profile pictures with a black image, but without deleting her previous posts, and on Facebook, where she has 60 million followers, her profile picture and cover photo have been updated with another. It shows her name written on a black background.

Jennifer Lopez's Instagram account

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram account

Lopez’s spokesman declined to comment on the matter, according to Variety.

A report by the magazine also stated that this sudden change in the media accounts of celebrities usually occurs before the announcement of an important event, such as an album, for example.

But the heroine of “Merry me” never mentioned the reason for this mysterious move, and no reports revealed the possible reason behind it.

While technical reports revealed that this could be due to Jennifer Lopez’s preparation for a new project that has not yet been determined. And it’s still not clear if this project for Jennifer Lopez is about music, film, TV, or something else.

The possibility of this speculation increases that the American artist’s production company recently signed a multi-year agreement with Netflix to produce feature films and documentaries, and this may have something to do with what happened.

It is noteworthy that Jennifer Lopez has films scheduled for release next year, including “Shotgun Wedding,” which is scheduled to premiere on Prime Video in January, and “The Mother” on Netflix.

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