It’s time to negotiate with Ukraine to prevent a devastating world war

Veteran US diplomat Henry Kissinger said the time is approaching for a negotiated peace in Ukraine to reduce the risk of another devastating world war, but he warned that the desire of some to dismantle Russia could lead to nuclear chaos.

Kissinger, who played a prominent role in the political detente of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union when he was Secretary of State under Republican Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, has held several meetings with Vladimir Putin since he was elected president of Russia for the first time in 2000.

of refugee children in Ukraine

of refugee children in Ukraine

There is no end in sight to the conflict that sparked it Putin launched the military operation in Ukraine on February 24, which claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced millions. Russia now controls about a fifth of Ukraine.

The Kremlin says Kyiv must recognize Moscow’s annexation of regions in southern and eastern Ukraine. Ukraine says every Russian soldier must leave its territory, including Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014. Kyiv applied to join NATO after Moscow announced the annexation of some Ukrainian territory in September.

of devastation in Kyiv

of devastation in Kyiv

In an article in “The Spectator” magazine. The Spectator Under the title “Ways to avoid another world war,” Kissinger said: “The time is approaching to build on the strategic changes that have already been achieved, and to integrate them into a new structure towards achieving peace through negotiations.”

He continued, saying in the article: “The peace process must link Ukraine to NATO. The option to remain neutral is no longer meaningful.”

Kissinger said he proposed in May a cease-fire under which Russia would withdraw to the front lines it was in before it launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, but that Crimea would remain the subject of “negotiations”.

Kissinger, 99, suggested holding a referendum under international supervision to decide on the lands that Russia announced to annex in the event that it proves impossible to return to the scene in which the situation was in 2014.

Kissinger warned that wanting to make Russia look “powerless” or even seeking to dismantle it could unleash chaos. Neither Ukraine nor any Western country has shown support for either track.

Kissinger said: “The dismantling of Russia or the destruction of its ability to (exercise) strategic policy could turn its territory, which includes 11 time zones, into a contested void.”

He added, “Their rival societies may decide to settle their disputes with violence. Other countries may seek to increase their claims by force. All these risks will be multiplied by the presence of thousands of nuclear weapons that make Russia one of the two largest nuclear powers in the world.”

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