It may kill the heart.. the dangers of coffee for the interface and this is the optimal quantity

Many people are aware of the importance of coffee in their lives, especially since there are those who cannot start their day without it.

Despite this, studies are usually divided between highlighting its benefits and stressing its harms.

In front of this difference, a new study found that drinking two or more cups of coffee per day may significantly increase the risk of death related to heart disease in some patients.

Japanese researchers found that people whose blood pressure was higher than 160/100 mm Hg – considered too high – were more likely to die from a heart problem compared to people with low levels, according to the Daily Mail.

Increase the risk of death

They also pointed out that the increased risk does not apply to people with high blood pressure that is not considered severe.

And while caffeine is known to be the most prominent component of coffee, and that it increases a person’s blood pressure and heart rate for a temporary period of time, it’s still not clear whether drinking coffee constantly can cause long-term increases in blood pressure, cholesterol, or other effects. harmful to the heart.

In turn, Dr. Hiroyasu Iso explained that the aim of the study is to determine whether the known protective effect of coffee also applies to individuals with different degrees of high blood pressure or not.

The study included nearly 20,000 participants, with more than 12,000 women and more than 6,570 men living in Japan from 1990 to 2009.

Until the researchers found that drinking two cups of coffee each day increased the risk of dying from heart disease during the study period twice.

Just one cup

It is noteworthy that scientists have long debated whether coffee is good for health or not.

Previous studies have found that drinking multiple cups of coffee each day can reduce all-cause mortality, while others have linked it to cancer.

What’s also interesting about the new study was that there was no significant increased risk for people who drank only one cup, but people who drank more coffee were younger, smokers and drinkers, had higher cholesterol, lower blood pressure and worse diets.

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