“It is reasonable to earn 20 thousand from the air” .. Save your money in these certificates from the National Bank or Banque Misr

At the present time, more than one bank working in Egypt has revealed an increase in the interest of the new savings certificates, most notably the National Bank and Banque Misr, and this is to increase the interest rate recently approved by the Central Bank, which has greatly affected banks’ transactions during the past few weeks, and which will continue for a future period. Specifically, after Egypt obtained another large loan in the billions of dollars.

Benefits of 20 thousand pounds from the savings certificates of Banque Misr and Al-Ahly Bank

Banks operating in Egypt announced to raise the value of savings certificates after the decision to raise the interest rate by 2% by the Central Bank on deposits and loans, in an exceptional meeting in order to curb economic inflation at the present time.

Accordingly, the National Bank, and before it Banque Misr, approved granting interest at the rate of 17.25% on the value of the savings certificates required by the citizen from one of the bank’s branches at the level of the Republic.

Proceeds of purchased savings certificates of 20,000 Egyptian pounds are spent on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, which is what distinguishes the new savings certificates issued by a number of banks in the previous period.

The returns are disbursed at 16% in the case of monthly disbursement, 16.25% in the case of quarterly disbursement, and 15.50% in the case of semi-annual disbursement, and the ratio reaches 17.25 in the case of annual disbursement, which is the highest return in all certificates.

Also, a number of banks issued the quality of savings certificates, with a value of 17.25, and among the first of these banks were Banque Misr, Al-Ahly Bank, Cairo Bank, Arab African Bank, Agricultural Bank, and Commercial International Bank.

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