It gives children headaches and nausea.. A famous doll was banned in Russia

Russia’s consumer watchdog, Rosskachestvo, has announced a ban on the sale of Huggy Waggi toys to children in Russia, after discovering that they contain substances that may harm the health of young children.

According to Russian media, the authority directed the recall of low-quality Huggy Waggi toys from unapproved manufacturers.

This was stated on the website of the press service of the authority, where it is indicated that the large Russian markets have canceled product cards that contain Huggy Waggi toys.

Haghi waghi

She said that 89% of the “Huggy-Waggy” toys that were studied include a large content of phenol, as it was found that an increase in phenolic substance was more than 4 times the permissible percentage in one of the toys purchased from the market, which may cause the child to feel sleepy, headache and nausea.

The authority added in a statement that the overwhelming majority of games are sold in the Russian market without any control or control, and do not bear conformity certificates.

The retailer, which specializes in selling children’s toys, joined the large markets, and shared with them the ban on selling low-quality products. The famous “Children’s World” store also asked the makers to submit the results of the new tests for their goods, after the manufacturer pledged to correct the errors.

It is noteworthy that Huggi Waggi are virtual monsters from the computer horror game that became popular on “Tik Tok”, and industries in several countries began producing children’s games in their image in huge quantities.

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