Isfahan strike.. Kyiv hints and Tehran threatens it with “consequences”

The repercussions of powerful explosions still rocked The Iranian city of Isfahan A few days ago, a military factory was targeted.

The response has not stopped since the attack was announced. While Tehran publicly accused Israel, US media reported Washington’s participation in the operation.

Faced with these developments, the Pentagon completely denied these reports, and confirmed that Israel appears to be behind the attack.

However, things did not stop there, as Ukraine entered the crisis line.

A suspicious tweet

A tweet by Mykhailo Podolak, advisor to the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, raised Tehran’s suspicions about Ukraine’s possible participation in the attack on the factory in Isfahan.

Podolak said in his comment on the bombing of the Iranian military site, considering that the logic of war is deadly and unbearable, and forces the warlord and his accomplices to compensate, according to him.

He also added that the night explosion in Iran, which targeted the production of drones, missiles and oil refineries. Ukraine has already warned about it.

Iran to the Ukrainians: You have to clear yourselves

Then came the Iranian response immediately, as the Iranian National Security Council saw that the Ukrainian government’s failure to clear its name confirms that it was a partner in the strike carried out by Israel.

The council also warned, on Monday, Ukraine of its possible participation in the bombing carried out by Israel, on Saturday evening, which targeted a military site in Isfahan province with 3 drones, according to its news agency, Nour News, on Twitter.

From the explosions that hit the Isfahan factory

He also considered that Zelensky’s advisor’s tweet, which referred to Kyiv’s participation in action against Iran, taking into account the expression of similar allegations by the semi-official authorities in Israel, reveals the joint strategy of Kyiv and Tel Aviv in threatening Iran’s security, according to the tweet.

He added that if the government of Ukraine did not officially declare its acquittal, it should be ready to accept the consequences of this irresponsible attitude.

Iranian marches in support of Moscow and strike Isfahan

It is noteworthy that tension prevailed in the relations between Iran and Ukraine during the past months, against the background of Tehran providing Moscow with drones to help it in its operations in Ukraine, which angered Kyiv and criticized the West.

This tension also reinforced Tehran’s suspicions about Ukrainian participation in the operation, which Western and Iranian media said, that Israel was behind it.

Kyiv: The explosions are related to what is happening on our lands

The strike in Isfahan is the first known attack carried out by Israel under the new far-right coalition government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who authorized a series of daring operations inside Iran when he last served in that position from 2009 to 2021.

The explosion took place amid escalating tensions with the West over Iran’s nuclear file and its supply of weapons to Russia in its war with Ukraine, in addition to the suppression of popular demonstrations against the Iranian government that have been going on for months.

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