Is Sondos serious?.. A Tunisian woman intends to marry two men

A Tunisian girl is preparing to marry two men at the same time at the end of this year, in an incident that sparked widespread controversy on social media, in a country that bans men from polygamy.

A girl named “Al-Hajja Sondos” appeared in a video clip on the “Tik Tok” application, to announce the date of her marriage to two men on December 31, and to invite her friends to attend the wedding, in an unprecedented situation.

She said that the Tunisian law, which prohibits men from polygamy, allows women to marry more than one man, and expressed her happiness at being the first Tunisian woman to marry two men.

In another video clip, Hajja Sondos pledged justice between her husbands, noting that she had received demands from other men who expressed their desire to marry her.

The exit of the Tunisian girl and the announcement of her marriage to two men caused an uproar on social media, as Abu Naim considered in a post that “the girl exploited a legal loophole in Tunisian law,” calling for the need to deal with her as soon as possible, asking: “How can a country prevent polygamy since More than 60 years allow women to have multiple husbands?

However, activist Salma Kamal refuses to consider this as a legal loophole, and says in a post that “Tunisian law did not prohibit polygamy for women in a detailed article, because this matter is self-evident and agreed upon in society.”

For his part, activist Moez Bourawi considered that a woman’s marriage to two men is “clear adultery, legalization of prostitution, and confusion of lineage,” calling for intervention to prevent this marriage, while activist Aisha Ammari questioned the seriousness of the girl Sondos, and saw that she was looking for fame and attracting followers of her accounts on Social Media.

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