Is it reasonable to accept frivolous acts and spoil my history?

She has reached a state of artistic maturity that makes her present roles and characters that have an impact on her audience in various parts of the Arab world. She has been looking for quality and not quantity for a long time, which made her presentation different from what she previously presented in terms of drama, whether in cinema or on the small screen, which made the Carthage Film Festival honor her during the past few days.

It is the star Hala Sedky, who was able to present herself in a different way through the series “Faten Amal Harbi”, and then in many works, which she confirmed in her interview with “Al” that she chooses her honors carefully, as she chooses her roles, and that she Happy to be honored in Tunisia, which witnessed her first honor in her life.

* You were recently honored at the Carthage Festival, how did you find this honor?

** An important honor that is different from any other honor, because the Carthage Festival is considered one of the most important and oldest Arab festivals. It is 33 years old. I also received the honor from the Tunisian Ministry of Culture. In fact, I see that honoring makes the artist feel appreciated for the effort he made in his work, and the issue of honoring is not easy at all, and therefore this honor made me happy, because honoring from outside Egypt has a special meaning. Therefore, I thank the festival management, for what happened is a tribute to Egyptian art. This award is dedicated to Egyptian art and cinema, and I hope that the film industry will return with its strength in the Middle East, and the first honor I received in my artistic career was in Tunisia, and now, after a long artistic career, I am also honored in Tunisia.

*I got another honor from Luxor Festival this year?

** The Luxor African Film Festival is important to me because it was born in a difficult time, and it is of great importance, because it connects us to the continent of Africa, and the honor motivates the artist to continue to provide good works, and he has the strength of will to reject works that harm your history.

* What did the Tunisian Minister of Culture tell you at the time of the honoring?

** What she said gave me a great positive energy, as she said to me, “When we find your name on any work, we are confident that it is an important work, and that you will play a different role in it,” stressing that I have a large audience in Tunisia, and that she is one of my biggest fans, and I was very happy to speak Which made me loaded with great responsibility.

To whom will you dedicate this honor?

* I dedicate it to the Egyptian state, because the coronation in the end is for an Egyptian artist, which is an achievement added to Egypt and proves the importance of making art, as I dedicate it to all my colleagues in front and behind the camera of artists and technicians, and to everyone who contributed to making the name Hala Sedky. The irony is that the first honor I received was from Tunisia as well, and it came after the series “Arabesque” was shown after it achieved great popularity there, and my first television interview there was with the famous Tunisian broadcaster Najib Al-Khattab, and he held a great celebration for me that I will not forget.

Hala Sedky

Hala Sedky

*With this honor, the question must be asked: Where are you from the cinema? What is the reason for the absence?

** It is not I who is absent, but cinema is absent from important directors, writers and great artists. Yes, the youth are on my eyes and my head, but adults must be present in order to achieve balance, and cinema restores its position. Is it reasonable that during the last Eid al-Adha, only 4 films were shown? Is it reasonable not to participate in Egyptian films in the Carthage Festival?

An entire industry is disappearing, and great artistic talents are absent instead of using their expertise. Is it reasonable, after all that I have presented, that I accept trivial acts and spoil my history?

A true artist is subjected to terrible psychological pressure when he is forced to refuse weak works, especially if art is his only source of income. For me, being away from the cinema is difficult, and I hope to return with distinguished films that continue the journey.

* What is the reason for your lack of participation in cinematic works?

** I do not measure my cinematic participation by quantity, but by quality. Although I am one of the artists of my generation who did not focus much in the cinema, the films I participated in left a clear imprint in the cinema, such as Escape, O Dunya, my Grammy, and Heart of the Night, which is chaos, it is business I am proud to present it.

*Have you attended the Carthage Festival?

** I attended the opening ceremony, but unfortunately I was not able to attend the festival in its entirety, as I had to return to Cairo again, because I was busy filming the series “Al-Omda” with director Mohamed Sami. I filmed one day before I traveled to attend my honor in Tunisia, in which I played the role of a popular woman, and starring Zina, Mai Kassab and a large number of artists, and I feel optimistic about working with director Mohamed Sami, because he is one of the directors who loves the actor, and I have previously worked with The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, is a beautiful and cooperative artist.

* How were your preparations for the role of the popular lady in “The Mayor”?

** I try to live in the atmosphere of the character in a different way, as I hear many popular songs in preparation for filming, which helped me when I entered the decor to be ready to experience the atmosphere in a big way. My preparations for the role are not limited to reading or memorizing the role only, and the rehearsals before filming, so living The character before filming is very important to me, and I have a way of coexisting with all the characters that I presented in this way.

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