Iraqi police clarify the fact that “more than 400 children are missing” in Baghdad

Baghdad Police Chief, Major General Adnan Hammoud Salman, confirmed on Sunday that his statements about missing children in mysterious circumstances had been misunderstood, one day after he had reported the loss of 450 children in the Iraqi capital.

In statements, on Saturday, he spoke about the “lost of 450 children in mysterious circumstances during the first ten months of this year,” speaking of “the need to amend the human trafficking law in Iraq.”

During his statements, the Baghdad police chief indicated the existence of “human trafficking crimes, the arrest of the perpetrators, and the prosecution of the rest,” according toIraqi media“.

And Salman said in a clarification, Sunday, that “after the search and investigation procedures, it was found that more than 90 percent of this number left the house voluntarily as a result of family problems and disputes between them and their family members, and they were returned to their families,” according to a statement by the Iraqi News Agency.conscious”.

He explained that “the content of his statements, which was issued on Saturday, was based only on the number of reports in general,” stressing that “he did not address the need to amend the human trafficking law because he is already a member of the committee,” according to “conscious.”

And the spokesman for the Iraqi Interior, Major General Khaled Al-Muhanna, said that “the statement of the Baghdad police chief, regarding the missing in the capital, was misunderstood, as he did not mean that all of them were children only,” according to the agency.Shafak News“.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Interior stated that “there are 400 cases, and one third of them were registered with the police that they returned to their families, but the other two thirds of them returned to their families without informing the police,” according to his statements to “Shafaq News”.

According to Al-Muhanna, “cases of loss are among non-criminal cases, that is, a person leaves his home, for many reasons that revolve within the framework of family disintegration and family disputes,” stressing that “these numbers are not exaggerated, and come within a context familiar to such cases.” same source.

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