Iraqi Airways explains the fact that “pork” is served to passengers

After social media circulated pictures of serving meals containing pork to passengers on a flight from Germany to Baghdad, Iraqi Airways came out to deny this.

In the details, Iraqi Airways denied, yesterday, Friday, the validity of what was circulated about providing meals containing “pork” to passengers on all its flights.

The management of the Iraqi Airways General Company confirmed, in a statement it published on its Facebook account, that “the information circulating about providing meals containing pork to travelers on all its departing and arriving flights to and from various local and international destinations, including the German sector, is incorrect,” according to a statement. Posted on her Facebook account.

The company said that it “adopts a specific policy in preparing this type of flight, either by preparing the flight with meals back and forth, or by preparing it through companies with whom it is agreed that the equipment is in accordance with the specifications approved by Iraqi Airways, which takes into account Islamic law.” .

The hotel management is the one who distributed the meals

Iraqi Airways also made it clear that the circulated image does not contain the company’s approved logo in all of its meals provided to valued passengers, calling on all media outlets and bloggers on social media platforms not to be drawn into such false information, and to verify official sources before promoting it.

She indicated that the Iraqi Airways office in Germany had issued a statement about this case, in which he confirmed the delay in the arrival of the plane designated to transport the Iraqi community due to bad weather, which forced the office to accommodate travelers in hotels at the company’s expense and in conjunction with the New Year’s holiday season in Europe. The hotel management took the initiative to distribute meals and symbolic gifts to all guests, including airline passengers, and after confirming that the meal whose photo was published was the same one that was distributed by the hotel and our company had nothing to do with it, according to the statement.

A local channel broadcasts a story about Iraqi Airways offering passengers a meal of pork

Pork pie

And the communication sites circulated news published by local media, according to which Iraqi Airways provided pork to its passengers on one of its flights coming from Germany to Iraq.

She explained that one of the passengers accidentally discovered the matter, as pork was placed inside the sandwiches while serving lunch to the passengers.

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