Iran’s regime will not escape punishment

Canada’s Foreign Minister confirmed in a meeting with families Victims of the Ukrainian plane Shot down by the Revolutionary Guards in early 2020, killing 176 passengers, Friday, Iran’s regime will not escape punishment.

In a statement by the Canadian Foreign Ministry, it said that the Iranian regime has demonstrated its complete disregard for human life and rights.

The statement also mentioned that Canada and its partners in the International Coordination Group regarding the victims of the Ukrainian plane, which also includes Sweden, Ukraine and Britain, are continuing to work to hold Iran accountable for shooting down the plane.

Tehran’s submission to arbitration

Late last month, Canada, Sweden, Britain and Ukraine issued a joint statement calling for Iran to submit to arbitration over the Ukrainian plane case.

In the joint statement on December 28, 2022, the International Coordination Group said that it had taken concrete measures to ensure progress in its efforts to hold Iran accountable and reach the stage of settling the conflict.

Binding arbitration

The statement, released by Canada’s foreign ministry, also added that the group demanded that Iran submit to “binding arbitration” in the dispute over the downing of the plane by two missiles it said were fired “deliberately and illegally” by the Revolutionary Guards.

The international community stressed its commitment to continuing efforts to hold Iran accountable for what it described as its “multiple violations” of its international legal obligations.

Two missiles from the Revolutionary Guard

It is reported that on the morning of January 8, 2020, the Ukrainian passenger plane was shot down shortly after it took off from Tehran International Airport by two missiles fired by the Revolutionary Guards, killing all 176 people on board, who were Iranian, Canadian, Swedish, Afghan and other citizens.

The Iranian government did not acknowledge shooting down the plane until after several days of contradictory and fabricated statements, and finally admitted that the air defenses of the Revolutionary Guards stationed in the Iranian capital, Tehran, had shot down a Boeing plane heading to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and a year later Iran attributed that to a “mistake.” Human.” However, Ukraine, Canada and many observers questioned the veracity of the Iranian claim.

Last April, the Iranian media reported that the Iranian judiciary had indicted 10 people in connection with the downing of the plane by the Revolutionary Guards, but it did not provide any details and did not mention the names of the accused.

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