Iran threatens Ukraine.. “Zelensky can see the destructive power of our weapons”

The advisor to the Iranian nuclear negotiating team, Mohammad Marandi, threatened Ukraine With missiles, drones and various Iranian weapons.

He pointed out that an advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned Ukraine’s involvement in an Israeli drone attack on the city of Isfahan.

He said that Zelensky would regret committing such foolishness, as he described it. “Zelinsky can also see the experience of the destructive power of Iranian drones, missiles and other weapons,” he continued, vowing.

Ukrainian Chancellor Mykhailo Podolyak wrote in a tweet, “An explosive night in Iran – the production of marches, missiles, and oil refineries,” adding that “Ukraine warned you.”

He pointed out that “the logic of war makes the perpetrators and accomplices pay the price.”

In addition, the Iranian Foreign Ministry described, in a statement, the advisor’s position as “strange and biased,” calling for “an official and immediate explanation from the Ukrainian government” regarding this statement.

It is noteworthy that tension has clouded relations between Iran and Ukraine during the past months, against the backdrop of allegations that Tehran has provided Moscow with drones to help it in its operations in Ukraine, which angered Kyiv and criticized the West.

This tension reinforced Tehran’s suspicions about Ukrainian participation in the operation, which Western and Iranian media said, that Israel was behind it.

The strike in Isfahan is the first known attack carried out by Israel under the new far-right coalition government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who authorized a series of daring operations inside Iran when he last served in that position from 2009 to 2021.

The explosion took place amid escalating tensions with the West over Iran’s nuclear file and its supply of weapons to Russia in its war with Ukraine, in addition to the suppression of popular demonstrations against the Iranian government that have been going on for months.

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