Iran threatens to completely block the virtual world

The Iranian Minister of Interior, Ahmed Vahidi, announced work to completely block the virtual world in Iran to confront what he described as enemies who are working to create programs to lift the blocking, in addition to forming a committee to investigate the recent unrest in the country and bring the accused to justice.

The Iranian regime had implemented previous measures to block Telegram and communication sites after the outbreak Protest demonstrations Against the high cost of living and low wages.

And the people of the Kurdish city of Abdanan in Elam province, western Iran, received “Sonia Sharifi” with welcome and cheers after she was released from the “Elam Correctional Center” detention center on bail, nearly a month after her arrest.

In addition, activists on Twitter circulated a video clip showing the Iranian protester, Majid Reza Rahanward, before the Iranian regime executed him by hanging.

The European Union strongly condemns the recent death sentences issued or carried out in Iran related to the ongoing protests in the country since last September.

In a draft statement obtained by Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath channels, the European summit called on the Iranian authorities to immediately halt the execution of the death penalty and to annul the sentences issued without delay.

The European Summit affirmed its strong opposition to the death penalty “under any circumstances”, as it considered it “a denial of human dignity”.

The European summit also called on the Iranian authorities to stop the unjustified use of force to suppress peaceful protests, especially against women.

Since mid-September, Iran has been witnessing continuous protests against the background of the killing of the young woman, Mahsa Amini (22 years), in custody of the morality police.

The authorities’ suppression of the demonstrations with excessive force has resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries. Tehran also arrested thousands of protesters and issued death sentences against some of them, two of which were carried out last week, despite Western and human rights appeals to overturn them.

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