Iran threatens: any US military attack will spark a war

The Iranian permanent mission to the United Nations confirmed today, Tuesday, that any US military action against Iran will lead to a large-scale conflict with consequences for the entire Middle East region.

The mission told Newsweek: “From Iran’s point of view, Washington’s taking the military option at any level means the United States entering the war, and at the present time, Iran considers such a possibility weak.”

The mission noted that if the United States “miscalculated and started a war,” it would be responsible for the consequences of such a conflict “for the region and the world.”

The Permanent Mission stressed that in such a development of events, Iran would be able to “protect its security and interests.”

In turn, a source in the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon), who did not mention his name, told “Newsweek” that “no US military forces have launched strikes or operations in Iran,” stressing that the United States “continues to monitor the situation” without revealing any details. details in this regard.

In addition, the representative of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces, John Moore, confirmed to the newspaper that the Pentagon did not participate in the recent events in Iran, explaining that “the US army did not participate in the attack that took place over the weekend on Iran.”

Israel believes that strike on Iranwhich was carried out on Sunday night, January 29, achieved its objectives, according to the American Wall Street Journal, quoting sources familiar with the details of the operation.

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