Iran.. Dead and wounded by live bullets among the demonstrators in Isfahan and Khash

Today, Friday, Iran International channel reported that Iranian security forces fired live bullets at protesters in front of the building of the mayor of the city of Khash in the southeast of the country, and in Isfahan in the center of the country, which resulted in deaths and injuries among the demonstrators.

She added that security forces used tear gas in the city after protesters gathered in the streets and chanted against Iranian leader Ali Khamenei.

with Iranian protests continue into their sixth weekOn Thursday night, Iranian security forces opened fire on protesters in the Punk area of ​​the capital, Tehran, while night protests continued in a number of Iranian cities.

The city of Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan Province, witnessed hit-and-run operations between security forces and protesters.

Protesters also set fire to a bus transporting security forces in the city of Qazvin, northern Iran.

Demonstrators in the city of Fooladshahr in Isfahan, central Iran, threw stones at Khomeini’s portrait.

The Iranian city of Karaj witnessed massive demonstrations Coinciding with the “forty” victims of the protests in Iran More than 6 weeks ago.

The demonstrations witnessed clashes between protesters and security forces, who fired bullets, causing deaths and injuries.

Participants said that security helicopters flew at a low altitude and threw tear gas and sound bombs at the participants.

Iranian police forces in the Saadabad area, north of Tehran, fired tear gas at members of the Basij disguised as civilians, thinking that the police were protesters.

And the former Crown Prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, called in a tweet, to… Commemoration of the fortieth birthday of Javedpour, Ghazaleh Jalabi, Hussain Ali Kyakguri, Behnam Laigpour, Mahsa Mokoye, and Hadith NajafiYesterday, Thursday, across Iran, he wrote that “victory is near”, according to what was reported by “Iran International”.

At the same time, Ali Karimi also published a poster of the 40th anniversary of the murder of Jawad Haidari, hadith Najafi, Hananah Kiya, and Ghazala Jalabi. Posters with the names of the dead were published in the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran and invitations to gather in these two provinces, as Jawad Haidari from Qazvin was also published. Other invitations to gather in Tehran and other provinces have also been published.

The participants in the ceremony commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the killing of Hanan Kia, one of the victims of the popular uprising in Noshahr, yesterday, Wednesday, chanted slogans such as “This year is the year of blood, in which Supreme Leader Khamenei will fall,” and “Death to Khamenei.” They chanted, “We will not fear the cannon, the tank and the missile, the clerics must leave.”

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