Intense Russian strikes targeting Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities

On Friday morning, several Ukrainian cities were targeted by a barrage of Russian strikes, and explosions were heard in the center of Kyiv, and power outages were reported in several areas.

As Russian military operations continue in Ukraine, officials said on Friday that air raid sirens sounded across Ukraine, including the capital, Kyiv, in reference to another Russian missile attack on the country.

And the Ukrainian authorities announced that the air defenses shot down a missile over Kyiv.

“Do not leave the shelters. The attack on the capital continues,” wrote the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaly Klitko, via Telegram.

And the mayor of Kyiv confirmed that the Russian bombing caused the water in the capital to be cut off and the metro stopped, while the stations were used as shelters against the bombing.

And his counterparts in Kharkiv (northeast) and Lotava (central east) announced that their cities were deprived of electricity due to the morning strikes.

The Ukrainian mayor of Kherson said that several Russian attacks targeted the city’s infrastructure.

Vitaly Kim, governor of the Mykolaiv region in southern Ukraine, said up to 60 Russian missiles heading for Ukrainian airspace had been detected.

On Thursday, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced that Russian forces Kherson was targeted with more than 16 raids, which resulted in two deaths and led to a power outage in the city.

Zelensky added that the Donbass and Kharkiv regions were also subjected to “brutal Russian attacks,” as he described it.

For its part, the Russian news agency Tass on Friday quoted an unidentified source in the emergency services as saying that at least eight people were killed and 23 others injured as a result of Ukrainian shelling in the village of Lantratyvka in the Russian-controlled Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine. Tass added that the bombing destroyed a building in the village of Lantrativka, and some people were trapped under the rubble.

Expectations of a major attack on Kyiv

This comes as the commander of the Ukrainian army, Valery Zaluzhny, expected Russia to launch a new attack on Kyiv in the first months of 2023, after the fighting focused months ago in the east and south of the country, according to Agence France-Presse.

Zaluzhny said, in an interview with the British weekly newspaper The Economist, that there is a “very important strategic task for us, which is to create reserves and prepare for the war that could happen in February, at the latest in March, and at the lowest deadlines.” at the end of January.” He added, “I have no doubt that they will try again to take control of Kyiv.”

In the interview, the Ukrainian army chief confirmed that he had made “all the calculations; how many tanks and artillery we need, etc.” to repel the potential attack.

Zaluzhny considered that the Ukrainian army is currently facing a “problem” represented in “maintaining the line” of the current front that extends from south to east, and “not losing more ground,” after it defeated the Russian forces in September from the regions of Kharkiv (northeast). Kherson (south) early November.

According to the head of the Ukrainian army, the Russians have been bombing the country’s energy infrastructure since October after a series of humiliating setbacks, because they “need time” to “pool their human and military resources” with a view to launching a new major offensive in the coming months.

He also indicated, in his interview with The Economist, that the national energy grid is “walking on a tightrope,” considering that it is “possible” for it to be completely out of service, if it receives new strikes by missiles and drones.

The Russian army began its war on Ukraine at the end of February, and tried to quickly control Kyiv by sending forces from Belarus, which borders Ukraine from the north.

The Russian forces approached dozens of kilometers from the center of the Ukrainian capital, before withdrawing from the region at the end of March and the beginning of April, in what was considered a victory for the Ukrainian army.

The strikes are causing power outages across the country on a daily basis, leaving millions of Ukrainians in the cold and dark, in the middle of winter.

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